Stadium Challenge

AMI Stadium


Climbing up and down stairs can be dangerous - especially when going down. 


To participate in Stadium Challenge, there are a number of Rules that have to be obeyed for yours and other competitor’s safety throughout the challenge.

These are:


1. Participants must NOT run down the stairs. You MUST hit every step going down.  Do NOT skip stairs on your way down.

2. You can only overtake another competitor when climbing UP or going along, NEVER DOWN. There will be designated overtaking lanes.

3. Keep to the left at all times and overtake on the right.

4. No wearing iPods, MP3 players, walkman’s or have any earphones  or music device in your ears playing music during the climb – we need you to hear US not your music!


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, be very careful coming down the stairs. Don't come down too quickly and Never run or skip any stairs on the way down the stairs, it's very dangerous for the little bit of gain in time you may receive. 


You will have momentum coming down the stairs and we understand that but PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT RUN or RACE DOWN THE STAIRS.  You are to hit every stair on your descent.


Marshals will be monitor these rules and ensure they are been adhered to, if not, you may be asked to leave the Stadium without finishing.


Stadium Challenge is not a timed event due to the danger or running down the stairs, Stadium Challenge is a competition between the Stadium and you; it is clearly a Challenge for everyone. 


Stairs may differ throughout the event as parts of the Stadiums were built at different times and steepness can change from level to level. We ask that you take care of yourself and think about other competitors throughout the Challenge.


Stadium Challenge will go ahead in rain or shine. The weather may have a slight effect and we may have to alter the course accordingly if weather conditions play a factor.


Safety of competitors will always be taken into consideration.