Stadium Challenge

AMI Stadium


Is there car parking?

Christchurch Stadium: Limited car parking is at Addington Raceway.

When do I arrive at the stadium?

You need to be at the stadium at least 30 minutes before your wave time.  If you haven’t picked up your Event Pack, you would need to allow 60 minutes before your wave starts.

Where do spectators watch from?

A designated area in the City Care Stand near the finish will be set up for watching this great event.        

Can I select my wave start time?

Yes; you select what wave you want to go in when you register. Waves will be started every 30 minutes. No more than 150 people will be allocated to any wave.

Will I start with my friends and family?

Yes; as long as there are spaces left in that wave.  We recommend you enter early to get the wave you desire.

What time is the first wave?

The first wave for adults will be at 9:00am.

What time will the last wave start?

The last wave will be at 9:45am, if demand calls for more waves, we will add these.

How old do I have to be?

You have to be 13 years of age on Challenge day.

Is there a restriction on how old you are?

No; if you’re fit and healthy and personally believe you can complete the Stadium Challenge you can enter. Because of the downward stairs, this is a non-competitive event so you can take your time.  You will have to be fully mobile and be able to get yourself up and down the stairs.

Are there rest areas?

Christchurch Stadium: There are around 18,000 seats to choose from if you need a rest.

When do entries close?  

Christchurch Stadium: Entries close on the 13th March 2019.  Late entries will be taken on the day if entries are not full.

What is the capacity for the event?

This we’re still calculating, enter early and save disappointment.

What is in my event pack?

You will receive participation into the event and see the Stadium from every corner of the Stadium, sponsors products and vouchers in the event pack.    

Can I enter as a Team?

Every entrant will be as an individual, although we recommend you team up with your workmates or just mates, and have some real fun and enter in the same wave.

Best dressed competition?

Yes; we will have a best dressed competition and this will be judged throughout the day. We will take photos of you and announce this after the event and award your prize.  If you’re that outstanding, we may put you on display before you start or finish.

Is Stadium Challenge a race?

No Stadium Challenge isn’t a race, it is a challenge between you and the Stadium.  We will not be timing the event due to the down stair portion of the event and the safety factor of NOT running down the stairs.  We want you to touch every step on the downward portions of the event. 

Can I time how long it takes me?

We cannot stop you from timing yourself, but if you run down stairs you will be told to stop and if a marshal thinks you’re putting yourself and/or other competitors safety at risk, you may be asked to leave the Challenge.

Can I change my details after I’ve entered?

If you have something to change you can email us from your confirmation email when you enter.

What if I can’t do the Stadium Challenge for some reason?

Entries are not refundable as per entry, although you can transfer to another one of CJM’S Events Ltd other events run around the country.  In special circumstances we may allow you to transfer your entry to another competitor, this is at the sole discretion of CJM’S Events Ltd.

What if I want to enter a number of competitors from my business?

Email and she will be in touch on how to do this. You will still have to enter online, we’ll set up a specific entry for you.

Is Stadium Challenge held if it rains?

Yes; Stadium Challenge will be held if it rains, if it is such that there is extreme weather conditions that could jeopardize participants safety we can make the call to cancel the event.  

If I get tired and can’t finish what do I do?

Ask a marshal to show you the safest way back to the finish line by exiting the route.